Fight Curbstoning – Illegal Sale of Cars

“Curbstoning” is the repeated, unlicensed “flipping” of used cars for profit. Curbstoning is bad for consumers, dealers and communities.

A person who sells vehicles on the street or “at the curb” instead of at a dealership location could be “curbstoning.’ Curbstoners may also advertise vehicles in the newspaper classified section.

Buying from a curbstoner increases your risk of being unable to transfer a title. A curbstoned sale may masquerade as a “steal” but could actually be a previously wrecked vehicle, one with a “rolled back” odometer, or even a stolen vehicle. Curbstoners do not comply with state or federal laws and any dealings with them are not protected.

It is up to consumers and licensed dealers to report unlicensed curbstoning activity. Be proactive! It is these unlicensed dealers that give respectable, ethical and licensed dealers a bad rap. Click here for the report to send to DMV. Click here for more information.