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Charles Bryant, Jr., Bryant Motorsports Auto Sales

Charles Bryant, Jr., Bryant Motorsports Auto Sales

Charlie Bryant is a second-generation dealer and a lifetime student of the auto industry. In 2004, he founded Bryant Motorsports Auto Sales, and over the past 10 years, he has opened an auto credit department, wholesale division, and acquired a salvage yard while increasing his team from four to 25 employees.

Employees state they feel a part of a team and, more importantly, a family. They share in the joy of their accomplishments and appreciate the integrity and caring nature of Charlie and his wife, Holly. They praise Charlie’s commitment to their personal success, as well as the success of the business. Charlie even trained and supported a former employee when he wanted to open his own business, and they continue to do business together today.

Fellow independent and franchise dealers alike testify to his integrity and sense of fair play when dealing with both dealers and consumers. The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board reports no customer complaints and his inspection results reflect “a dealership that recognizes the importance of getting things done correctly.”

Well known for his commitment to his community, Charlie received a Certificate of Appreciation for providing cars to the Portsmouth Fire Department for training purposes. He generously donates to race teams, including the Kyle Petty’s Victory Junction Gang Camp, provides uniforms for sports teams, and hosts an annual car show for the community. He also supports a needy family at Christmas and has been known to give a vehicle to an elderly couple in need or the title to a customer who was behind in their payments due to health issues. His family is very active in their church.

His sister wrote, “They (Charlie and his wife) will be the first to tell you that they are truly blessed and because they are so humble, they do not grasp what a blessing they are to others. They would also be the first to say that they are not perfect people, but they do strive to be people mindful of their daily living.”

Charlie has been a member of VIADA since 2005.