Quality Dealer of the Year

Quality Dealer Award Criteria 2018 – information about the program and criteria to be considered for nomination

2018 Quality Dealer Application – this is a Word document that every District QD must submit to the state for consideration as the State Quality Dealer


After being selected, the State Quality Dealer then moves on to compete for the coveted National Quality Dealer award given out by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. 

Past National Quality Dealers include W. D. Parrish (Richmond-1977), Jimmy Davis (Richmond-1999), Mack Payne (Tazewell-2000), and Wanda Lewark (Fairfax-2002). 



Donald Sullivan, Sr., Sullivan Auto Trading, Inc.

Don was born in Alexandria, VA, and at 15 became a lot attendant for a dealer in Woodbridge. He continued to work in the auto business in some capacity until 1990 when he opened his own dealership, Sullivan Auto Trading, Inc., which is a wholesale and retail marketing company. He also maintains a reconditioning center and transport company.

Don continues to receive 5-star ratings with comments like: The Sullivan family is not in the business of selling cars…they’re in the business of establishing relationships! and “Professional people.” He is also praised for making deals painless. Customers say they will return, and have, and how they have gained a friend.

Manheim Fredericksburg states: Over the past 16 years, Sullivan Auto Trading has sold more than 37,000 vehicles at Manheim Fredericksburg and Donnie has always conducted himself with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Vicki Mabie from WPER radio station praises Don for his support of the community, including “Free Service Saturdays” for single mothers, where his team provides free oil changes and service work for those who cannot afford it. Bishop Dr. Grace Kariuki of Amazing Grace International Ministries said she was moved by Don’s love and concern for church members. At that time, Don became a partner with their orphanage in Kenya. Don paid off a huge debt of almost $10,000 to protect orphans from being evicted because of past due rent and continues to pay their monthly rent.

His employees say they feel like a family member and that he has taught them to believe in themselves. Another stated: This company has taught me that a business CAN and WILL grow through honesty and integrity. The general consensus among his employees is that he is always fair, discreet, motivational, and supremely knowledgeable.

Don has been a member of VIADA since 2000 and has served as District 4 Chairman of the Board, President and Vice President. He currently serves as a Vice President on the VIADA Board of Directors and has since 2015. He will serve as VIADA President-Elect for FY2018-2019.