Powerful Advocacy for the Independent Dealer

Your Voice at the Capitol

VIADA is the only state association representing the collective interests of independent car dealers in Virginia. VIADA staff and its seasoned lobbyists enjoy key relationships with state agencies and state legislative leadership that impact the policies that affect used car dealers. The collective clout of VIADA and its members enables independent dealers to speak with one strong, unified voice.

VIADA successfully lobbied for the Processing Fee to be an amount agreed upon by both buyer and seller, and subject to sales and use tax.  If not for VIADA, the fee would have been $25!!!

Other successes  to name just a few include:

  • Allowing “Print On Demand” temporary tags.
  • Requiring individuals who want to become Independent Dealers, to satisfactorily complete an educational course on what is involved to open a dealership to include rules and regulations.
  • Extended days a dealership can be closed from 10 to 20 per license year.
  • Allowing Virginia dealers to process an out-of-state title with an Affidavit of Repossession attached.
  • Eliminated all percentage thresholds in determining the repairable status of damaged vehicles as declared by the insurance company.  Non-repairable vehicles will have no value except for use as parts or scrap metal.

VIADA legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of its members has a history of accomplishments and legislative successes over the years. VIADA keeps its members informed year-round on legislative regulatory issues so they can get involved at the grassroots level and effect positive outcomes for the industry. We strongly encourage you to get involved today.