President’s Message

Don Sullivan, Sr.

Don Sullivan, Sr., President, VIADA
Sullivan Auto Trading, Inc.

Greetings Dealer Operators,

Being a part of the Dealer Trade Association in Virginia is extremely important. If you are making a
career out of your vision and investment in the Automobile Business, don’t stand alone. When you
join, it is very comforting to know you are “the Association” as a Virginia Independent Auto Dealer and
are surrounded by the Best Dealers in the State and trustworthy Vendor Associates. When you have
compliance questions or just need some advice, it is at your fingertips. The very best, experienced,
and well-seasoned Staff Members are always available. We have 2 Lobbyists, one of which is a full-
time employee, constantly building relationships in Richmond to protect your business interests.

Here are a few of the financial benefits to you as a dealer:

  • Exclusive member discounts and rebates that will more than pay for your annual membership.
  • Rebates for parts purchased from Advance Auto Parts and Fisher Auto Parts can add up to
    hundreds or even thousands of dollars back to your store.
  • The VIADA Auction App is worth over $1,700 in buy or sell fees at local and regional auctions.
  • The VIADA Recertification program is offered at no markup to members, saving you up to
  • As a member you are also entitled to discounts on merchant services, payroll processing,
    service contracts, office supplies, forms, dealer supplies, and more.

Beyond the financial benefits of joining, you also get access to a reduced cost of education and
training, a member hotline for DMV and operations questions, membership in the National
Independent Automobile Dealers Association including all their discounts and free education, legally
reviewed compliant forms, and exclusive vendor programs and access.

Through our contacts and efforts, the Association has been involved in legislative efforts that allow
dealer operators and their spouses to use dealer tags for personal use, charge processing fees
without state limits, prevent restrictions on selling vehicles with open recalls, and much more. Every
independent dealer serving on the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board is also a member of the VIADA. We
are the voice of the independent dealer in both Richmond and Washington, DC.

As a dealer for over 40 Years and current President of the VIADA, I strongly encourage you to make
this worthwhile investment in your dealership and join the voice of the Independent Dealer in the state
of Virginia. Please call anytime, my door is always open.

Don Sullivan, Sr.
President VIADA 2021-2022
Cell 703-926-7971