President’s Message

Don Sullivan , President, VIADA
Sullivan Auto Trading, Inc.

It is a great honor to serve as President of the VIADA for the coming year. It is my goal for the association to be seen as the “New VIADA” moving forward with ideas of what we can do to better serve our Virginia dealers. Our mindset among our members needs to be how important our “voice” is in this growing ever-changing industry. We need power in numbers as an association to stand and be recognized at every level in our state. Networking together is very valuable in solving issues we all experience daily. There are many areas to aggressively search for ways to save financially with a large number of members. There are endless ideas of major savings in all areas.

“The World as we created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”~ Albert Einstein

Our website is our greatest asset this year for our future. We will be researching in all areas to make accessible: education, compliance, vendor seminars, salespeople and training videos, buying online, and in-the-lane videos. Many new ideas to keep the dealer always benefiting from our information highway. We would like to have a link for “DEALERS TALK,” which will be ways for dealers to talk about different issues and helping each other with their personal experience in any area. Further, helping each other with testimonies of good experiences with different vendors online through our website. We need to function as a 20 group helping each other. It is important for our dealers to be able to access information and questions answered 24 hours a day.

Health care is another area of concern in our lives today. I believe there is a health care opportunity for better rates with an increased member count in our future. Our dealer insurance is also something to consider, maybe even a package for healthcare and garage policy. Opportunities are endless with numbers and a strong association. We must stand together in all areas to better our industry.

I will stand strong this year for our VIADA members that being a member of good standing is by far a better partner to engage in a business relationship than a person that is not a VIADA member. I also will pursue discounts and endorsements for our dealers, the honor and credibility they deserve with floor plan companies, banks, and all lending institutions offering dealer agreements for consumer financing.

“The way you see people is the way you treat them. The way you treat them is what they become.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Again, it is my pleasure and honor to serve all in the VIADA of Virginia.