Ladies Auxiliary – Helping Hands

When the VIADA Ladies Auxiliary was first organized in 1980 by Ida Blair and Shirlie Slack, our first concern was to help VIADA in any way possible. At that time, if your husband was president of VIADA, the wife was president of the Ladies Auxiliary. That practice was changed in later years. We filed as a non-profit organization and wanted to contribute to charitable organizations throughout the state. Our first charitable contribution went to Ronald McDonald House and that was a favorite for years.

The Ladies hosted the Hospitality Suite at one of the Conventions held in the Virginia Beach area. We got permission from the hotel to make our own coffee and bring our own juice and sweet rolls, so we could save money. Virginia Belcher was president that year and we did not realize what a large undertaking that was – we worked ourselves ragged. Needless to say that was not a priority in later years.

Of course, when we first organized we did not have any money. Our $10.00 dues did not go far. We would go to the National Conventions and attend the Ladies Auxiliary meetings. Listening to state representatives Treasurer’s Reports, we knew we had some work to do.

Ida and Bob Blair had an auto auction at the time, and Ida suggested that we might get some of the auctions to auction a car for the Ladies Auxiliary. The dealers were asked to donate any car that had been on their lot for a while. As usual, the response from both the auctions and dealers was great. The auctions would designate a specific date and time and we would be there to help with the paperwork. That was the first step towards building our funds. Then, of course, we began the auctions at the conventions which have become larger and larger each year – not to mention the hours of enjoyment derived from them. We were well on our way to achieving our slogan “Helping Hands”.

We now contribute generously to many charitable organizations throughout Virginia, we have established the Fill-A-Wish program for special needs children 18 years old or younger, and we also have a Scholarship Fund to award $2,000 to a family member of VIADA. Please download and print this Scholarship application. The document contains all instructions from there. We’ve come a long way and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Editors Note: VIADA appreciates the ladies Auxiliary and their many contributions of time, talents, and monies. Our “Helping Hands” are to be congratulated for a job well done.

Highlights from the 2023 Auction!

Fill-A-Wish Program and Scholarship 

The Ladies Auxiliary contributes generously to many charitable organizations throughout Virginia. They have established the Fill-A-Wish program for special needs child 18 years old or younger, and a Scholarship fund to award a VIADA family member. 

The VIADA Ladies Auxiliary has set up a fund to grant that special “wish” to a special needs child 18 years old or younger. If you have a family member or know anyone in your area that would qualify for this benefit, please download this grant application and save it to your computer as a Word document. The document contains all instructions from there. Thank you.

Click Here to Download and Print the Scholarship Application.

Click Here to Download and Print the Fill-A-Wish Application.

2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Grace Carter, Mostly Vans, LLC
Noah Wiley, Consumers Auto Warehouse, Inc.
Gavin Bowman, Superior Motors, Inc.

Past Scholarship Recipients
2017 Olivia Hess, Southside Virginia Auto Auction
2016 Arianna M. Bridge, DealerRE
2014 Lauren Nicole Carter, Mostly Vans
2014 Peyton Olivia Chattin, Eanses and Wyatt Auto Sales
2014 Taylor Marie Kelly, Moss Motor Co.
2014 Sydney Paige Knupp, D&M Automotive, Inc.
2014 Caitlyn Elizabeth Murray, A+ Price is Right Auto Sales
2013 Kelsey Morgan Jarrett, J&J Automotive
2012 Kaylyn Chelsea Aznavorian, East Coast Auto Source Inc.
2012 Christina Avery Byers, Louise W. Eggleston T/A Eggleston Services
2011 Zachary Alexander Summer, JTZ Enterprise
2009 Hunter Cassidy

Past Presidents

2000-2001 Billie Iaricci
2002 Teresa Cutlip
1990-91, 2003 Flonnie Headley
2004-05 Bertie Arrington
2006-07 Cheryl Maher
2008-09 Sandra Farmer
2010 Jan Tate
2011-13 Carla Ann Keene
2014 Helen Crigger
2015 Crystal Steele
2016-2021 Carla Boucher
2022 Dale Fisher

2023 Quality Lady
Carla Boucher


Carla Boucher
(757) 560-2839

Vice President
Susan Whitehurst
(757) 409-7338

LexaLynn Hooper
(703) 508-6276

Recording Secretary
Heather Rains

Corresponding Secretary
Aly Loudermilk


Dale Fisher
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Bertie Arrington

Sandra Farmer

Sharleen Mullins
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