Why Join VIADA?

Thousands of dollars in benefits are yours + These Amazing Benefits


Know someone who should join VIADA/NIADA? Print out a membership application and ask them to join.


  • Dealer-Operator:  An Active member shall be a person licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a motor vehicle dealer-operator as that term is defined in 46.2-1500 of the Code of Virginia.  (Article III – Membership, Section 1a., VIADA Bylaws – as amended 2021)
  • Associate:  An Associate member shall be a person or business firm engaged in a business relating to or associated with motor vehicle dealers or active in assisting motor vehicle dealers.  (Article III – Membership, Section 1b., VIADA Bylaws – as amended 2021)

Current membership dues for each membership type is $395 ($315 VIADA; $60 NIADA; $20 District). 


VIADA provides benefits and services to members they are not always able to find on their own. With VIADA, the dealer has educational and networking opportunities through our schools, workshops, town hall/district meetings, and annual convention and trade show.

Whether it’s creating an environment for sharing ideas, or serving as a place to come to for solutions to problems that arise, VIADA is the only organization in Virginia whose primary purpose is the welfare and success of the independent dealer.

  • 800-HELP Line! – Your voice is heard at VIADA and we are here to serve you. From customer relations to dealer laws (Federal and State), our HELP Line always has someone ready to meet your needs at 800-394-1960.
  • Curbstone Report – A handy fill-in-the-blank report enabling dealers to report suspected curbstone activity to law enforcement.
  • Dealer Forms – VIADA carries a complete line of dealer forms. All VIADA forms comply to state and federal laws and regulations. Members receive a 20% discount on the purchase of the forms.
  • When you join VIADA, you also become members of NIADA and receive all the benefits associated with that membership. Visit for a complete list of member benefits, educational opportunities and member services.
  • Online Recertification Course – Pricing for VIADA members: FREE plus $25 fee for the MVDB; register at Take at your own pace on your home/work computer, iPad or even on your mobile phone! A Q&A review at the end of each chapter to make sure you are aware of key requirements. Receive your completion certificate once you have gone through the entire course. And, after you have completed your recertification, you can now go back into your account and refresh your memory of the course material! You still have access to the instructor who can answer questions about the course content.

Educational Opportunities

CONVENTION & EXPO – VIADA’s Annual Convention and Expo is a two day conference that provides many educational topics from government reports and compliance/regulatory updates to “around-the-table conversations” with dealers throughout the state.

DEALER DAY – For those who can’t attend the convention, a one day “Dealer Day”, typically held in the Spring, offers topics from as many as 8-12 speakers on relevant, important education on compliance, sales, finance, best practices and much more! This day will benefit employees as well as dealers, large or small. Watch the VIADA website, email blasts and Facebook for more information.

DEALER-OPERATOR COURSE – The path to a Dealer-Operator license begins with a required two-day course of study held each month at various locations in Virginia with the curriculum and instruction provided by VIADA. The course takes the attendee from establishing the dealership under local zoning and Dealer Board requirements, through the sales process with its multitude of forms, laws and regulations, to a sampling of opening and operating expenses, and ending with a discussion on ethics. The course is open to all existing dealers and their employees.

DISTRICT MEETINGS – Meet fellow dealer-operators, associate members and other vendors who can provide the latest products and services, speakers to keep you on the cutting edge of your industry, and get answers to questions. Share what is happening near you as you enjoy a terrific meal at your local district meeting. Visit our events calendar to track your meeting dates. You will also usually receive a postcard announcement as well as an email and the notice is always posted on Facebook as well.

RECERTIFICATION (Online or in a classroom) – Effective January 1, 2011, all independent Dealer-Operators need to recertify every three years. VIADA offers both online and classroom continuing education courses to meet the recertification requirements. These courses will focus on recently enacted laws and regulations as well as current dealership practices. A certificate, suitable for framing, will be awarded at the conclusion of both the online and classroom courses. VIADA will notify the MVDB when you have successfully completed the recertification process. Visit



Contributions, gifts or dues to Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. A portion of dues, however, is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association engages in lobbying. The non-deductible portion of dues for 2018 is 8%.