UPDATE 5/25/2018:  DMV has issued an FAQ regarding this program.  Click here to read it.

Dealers have been receiving an email from DMV informing them they must complete the “Awareity Platform certification”. This is not spam. It is a valid email from DMV and all authorized users of the online dealer program are required to complete the certification. A letter was sent by DMV via U.S. mail back in January alerting dealers to this new requirement.

The following information was also provided by the MVDB in their April “Dealer Talk”.

DMV News

The Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) customer records are privileged, and the access, use, or release of in¬formation contained in these records is restricted by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (1 USC §§ 2721 2725) and by Virginia Code §§46.2-208 through 214. To ensure online dealer participants and authorized users are aware of DMV’s information technology (IT) security protocols, and the acceptable use of information, a new security requirement for granting access to DMV records is being implemented. DMV will now require a mandatory online training known as the Awareity Platform for all authorized personnel not employed by the agency who access DMV customer records. Formally known as MOST, the Awareity Platform training provides a secure online resource to ensure awareness and accountability for security awareness modules and other organizational information. This training will be required annually for all authorized users of the online dealer program and will require a valid email address for set up. To begin the process and establish each person in the training platform, DMV has requested a list of all of the authorized users at your location to be submitted to your service provider by May 1, 2018. This list should display each employees name, email address, username/login ID, and DMV dealer number. After each person has been set up there is a mandatory completion date of August 1, 2018. Upon completion you should print a certificate and IT security form for your records untimely completion of this training will result in the users access being deactivated until completion. If an online dealer participant switches to a different service provider after completing the training, but before the one-year expiration, they will not have to retake the training. The same is true for employees who find employment at a different dealership.

Peter V. Iaricci, Sr.
Director of Education and Legislation